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I am a paper artist based in Denmark exploring the boundaries between physical and digital art.

My primary artistic medium is collage, and I always strive to breathe new life, meaning, and significance into old images and materials. The collages come to life through both analog and digital methods, often a combination of both.

I draw inspiration from artists like the legendary Hannah Höch and Joseph Cornell, Dadaism, Surrealism, vintage magazines from the 1930s to the 1950s, as well as ethnic art and traditional cultures. This reflects my fascination with the fundamental aspects of creativity and human expression.

In addition to creating collages, I also craft unique paper objects and work on book illustrations, poster art, installations and stage designs for theatrical performances.

Through my creations, I often engage with interpersonal relationships, creative transformations, and personal development. My art is a tribute to the transformative potential of change, and I consider it my mission to give paper new meaning, form, and history.

Portrait of paper artist Klara Espersen with scissors


Stage design installation made for art installation Labyrint at Limfjordsteatret by paper artist Klara Espersen


Mask made for art project Vildvæsener with paper artist Klara Espersen in collaboration with Limfjordsteatret


Paper object sculpture made by paper artist Klara Espersen


Paper collage portrait illustration of Mette Henghøj made by paper artist Klara Espersen for the book Ud og stjæle erantis


Paper objects made for artist workshops by paper artist Klara Espersen


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